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#Stl unites to win NGA

st. louis unites to win NGA project for North St. Louis

We call it a catalytic anchor — to create a vibrant urban community. You may call it “putting out the help wanted sign.” Either way, it’s a vital effort we are working on together. Please voice your support for this important regional effort.

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) is the nation’s primary source of geospatial intelligence for the Department of Defense and the U.S. Intelligence Community. It provides support to U.S. national security and defense as well as disaster relief.

These types of jobs are our future. We want St. Louis to be the heart of that operation. With a new NGA facility in North St. Louis, we believe jobs will grow and new economic development will spread throughout North St. Louis City and County.

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NGA-Fact-SheetThe Next NGA West facility is moving to a new location within the St. Louis region. Four sites are under consideration including one in North St. Louis City at the intersection of North Jefferson and Cass Avenues. This transformative project has the power to reshape all of North St. Louis, including:

  • $1.6 billion dollar facility
  • 5,200 construction jobs
  • 3,100 retained jobs in St. Louis City
  • $2.4 million in taxes annually to remain in the City of St. Louis

This is about our future and where we are headed together. The project has the full backing of both St. Louis City and County leaders and will ensure a bright future for all of North St. Louis.

KWMU: County Executive Stenger supports city site for NGA relocation

NGA has a rich and extraordinary history in St. Louis, starting with the Lewis & Clark expeditions, which are the foundation of NGA’s enduring legacy. For this reason, as well as those stated above, the City of St. Louis is optimistic about this opportunity.

The construction and labor force in this area is fully capable of delivering a quality facility in a timely manner. Furthermore, the central location of the city site offers accessibility to a talented workforce supported by a significant number of educational institutions.

The City of St. Louis is fortunate to be home to two major, nationally renowned hospitals, as well as a veteran’s and other smaller hospitals and urgent care facilities. The major hospitals, Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Saint Louis University, are within five miles of the city’s proposed NGA site. A variety of cultural, entertainment and recreation destinations also are in abundance nearby. Major league sports and world-renowned institutions are within a ten-minute drive of the site. The zoo, art museum, botanical garden and science center are just a few of the opportunities that are easily accessible for employees working at the proposed site.

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