STL Partnership Business Incubators

STL Partnership Business Incubators

A Scene for Startups

Poplar Mechanics calls St. Louis the #1 startup city in America.

Due to our STL Partnership Business Incubators, the St. Louis region is thriving as a renowned startup scene. With a network of five facilities, known as the Business Incubators, across the St. Louis region, we have a space to help any startup grow.

Additionally, our Helix Center Biotech Incubator, pictured above, specializes in AgTech and Biomedical startups. And our other centers have concentrations in manufacturing, food production and tech.

Wellston Business Incubator 

Vanessa Greene: [email protected] 314-727-6132

Chesterfield Business Incubator 

Mary Jane Parisi: [email protected] 636-519-4710

Helix Business Biotech Incubator 

Kathy Shackleford: [email protected] 314-432-2672

Lemay Business Incubator 

Mary Jane Parisi: [email protected] 636-615-7694

Our team can put your business on the fast track with on-site support, fresh insights, networking and customized mentoring.

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