39 North

St. Louis’ 39 North is Rapidly Emerging as a World Leader in Academic and Corporate AgTech Research and Innovation

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The 39 North Greenway is a key part of the 39 North master plan to improve connectivity within the District.  The greenway will connect key assets like the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center to the Helix Center and create walkable, bike friendly trails throughout the area.  This will allow employees and residents of 39 North to ditch their car and travel freely throughout the district.  The 39 North Greenway will wind its way up through the northern end of the district, towards Baur Boulevard.  It will also connect to Warson Park, which eventually will bring a direct connection to the Centennial Greenway – The central corridor for greenways in the St. Louis region.

Greenways also enhance the value of the areas they are built.  The Trust for Public Land produced a report on the value that greenways can bring to an area.  They found that a greenway adds 5% to the market value of neighboring properties.  The entire Great Rivers Greenway network has enhanced the value of nearby residential properties by over $62 million in the St. Louis region.  Houses that are located in neighborhoods with above-average levels of walkability can expect a premium of $4,000 – $34,000 more than a similar house in a location with average walkability.  Source – The Economic Benefits of Great Rivers Greenway by The Trust for Public Land

Exciting News Along Old Olive Street!

The Old Olive corridor is a key project in the new innovative AgTech District — 39˚ North. Currently, the project is in conceptual design, and project partners want to hear from you! The 39˚North District Master Plan, completed last year, sets a bold vision for access and circulation in the district with the City of Creve Coeur, St. Louis Economic Development Partnership, City of Olivette, Danforth Plant Science Center, BRDG Park, Helix Center, and Bayer being key partners. The Old Olive Street Road project, headed by Christner, is looking at how improvements can support the needs of businesses, commuters, visitors, and residents who will enjoy and benefit from an enhanced street – a street that supports people, cars and bikes. Resident with a concern about this Old Olive Street Project? Click here to give your feedback: https://goo.gl/forms/SmCZlFGabd5rgCpA3

Where AgTech Meets an Innovation District

The highest concentration of plant science PhD’s in the world, more than 1000, call St. Louis home. Highly skilled experts contribute to world-class research institutions including the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, the Missouri Botanical Garden and academic institutions including Washington University,
Saint Louis University and the University of Missouri St. Louis. Leading multinational corporations including Monsanto, Bunge North America, and Novus International have their headquarters in the St. Louis Region. Additionally, an increasing number of small and midsize businesses comprise a remarkable regional network of over 400 research and development AgTech companies employing over 15,000 people. What do you get when you combine these? 39 North.

St. Louis' 39 North is Rapidly Emerging as a World Leader in Academic and Corporate AgTech Research and Innovation. Image courtesy of the Danforth Center.

Donald Danforth Plant Science Center at the intersection of Olive Blvd. and Warson Rd.

39 North – A Physical Place and Distinct Idea

St. Louis County and the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership decided to build on this strength and attract top talent worldwide to the 39 North district. The innovation district is a space where colleagues can get out of their labs and cubicles and mingle over coffee or cocktails. It’s a place where people from all over the world move to because they want to be part of something that matters, is enduring and bigger than themselves. It’s that energy and sharing of ideas that is at the very heart of 39 North, and that ultimately stimulates breakthrough innovation.

Researchers at the Danforth Center, Bio-Research &Development Growth Park (BRDG Park) and Helix Center work to advance the human condition every day. The Helix Center Biotech Incubator is a destination location for bioscience, agricultural technology and plant science startups.

39 North laboratory inside Intact Genomics

Intact Genomics‘ laboratory located in the Helix Center

The Value in Championing the 39 North AgTech District

Our capital, infrastructure and proximity to major farms and food producers make 39 North extraordinarily unique. We’re growing a neighborhood by connecting communities of interest and innovation. Years from now, history will celebrate this district for advancing plant science and AgTech around the world.