Business Finance

Small Business Financing Options

The St. Louis Economic Development Partnership is proud to offer a variety of finance tools to help either start or grow your business. Our finance tools are as unique and innovative as the small businesses they serve. Offering competitive pricing, convenience and flexible terms, our financing options include loans and bonds. In some cases, our team can combine finance products with tax credit programs or grants to help achieve your business goals.

Regardless of your company’s needs, our professional staff can assist you. Let us help you determine which method of financing will best help you pursue your business growth plans.

Our experienced team helps connect any size of business to the money you need to grow your company. With a variety of tools available and specialists in every sector and geographic region, our team is here to help your company grow fast and with ease. Connect with the resources that make a difference and drive results for your company. Whatever your needs, our professional staff can assist you in determining which financing option is best for you.

For more information call 314-615-7663 or email [email protected]