St. Louis County

St. Louis County Missouri Government

St. Louis City

The City of St. Louis, Missouri Government

St. Louis Development Corporation (SLDC)

St. Louis Development Corporation (SLDC) is an umbrella, not-for-profit corporation organized under Chapter 355 of the Missouri State Statutes with the mission of fostering economic development and growth in the City of St. Louis by stimulating the market for private investment in City real estate and business development and improve the quality of life for everyone who lives in, works in, and visits the City.

MO DED (Missouri Department of Economic Development)

MO DED provides resources for business, community, and workforce.

MO Partnership

Missouri Partnership is a public-private economic development organization here to assist you when you’re ready to expand into a new location.

Greater St. Louis, Inc.

Greater St. Louis, Inc. represents a best-in-class, evidence-based framework to align, structure, and invest significant resources to create a St. Louis economy that is both more competitive and more inclusive.


By driving innovation in workforce development, R&D, and prototyping and production, AMICSTL is revolutionizing the region’s advanced manufacturing ecosystem across eight industry sectors.

39 North

39 North is a vibrant innovation district in St. Louis County, MO that offers the infrastructure, talent, and access to capital to facilitate agri-food tech innovation