Project Management

The Real Estate Division provides expert project management support to developers, businesses and area municipalities. While they must be willing to make strategic investments in projects, our team can help develop a winning plan. Together, we aim to create jobs, stimulate our local economy and improve the quality of life for the residents, businesses and communities of St. Louis County. We help local development projects move forward on time to successful completion.

Brownfield Redevelopment

A brownfield is a property that may have hazardous substances, pollutants, or contaminants that need to be cleaned up before the site may be redeveloped.

Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority (LCRA)

Eliminating Blight

The Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority of St. Louis County (LCRA) was established to eliminate and prevent blight while community redevelopments take place.

Therefore, the LCRA has the broad authority to undertake activities intended to correct blighted conditions. Those conditions include the ability to:

  • Prepare and implement redevelopment plans and projects
  • Contract for services in furthering such projects
  • Acquire property and prepare it for redevelopment

Furthermore, LCRA may administer economic and community redevelopment projects throughout the county and in municipalities that have authorized it to operate within their jurisdiction.

Exterior of the Metropolitan Education and Training (MET) Center

Metropolitan Education and Training Center

For over two decades, the Metropolitan Education and Training (MET) Center has been providing education, training, employment, and supportive services to the unemployed and underemployed citizens in the St. Louis region. The MET Center has implemented a family centered and intergenerational approach in delivering quality programs, which moves families toward economic stability. The Met Center is adjacent to public transportation, an early childcare center and the STL Partnership’s Wellston Business Incubator.

The LCRA took ownership and repurposed the former Wagner Electric Power facility in the mid-1990s. The renovated headquarters and factory building features six stories of classrooms, offices, and meeting space with two large warehouse areas for hands-on technical training.

Port Authority

The Port Authority has undertaken or supported a wide range of economic and community development initiatives, including the Community Investment Fund.