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Vision 2019: Small Business Innovation Symposium

Forging a Strong, Equitable Path in Innovation and Inclusion

Vision 2019: Small Business Innovation Symposium was held on Friday, October 18th at the Moto Museum in St. Louis. The venue was filled with entrepreneurs and small business owner eager learn and engage in conversation with one another.

Opening speaker Rebeccah Bennett, Owner of Emerging Wisdom, LLC engaged the crowd with activities and a powerful speech encouraging entrepreneurs. “It is good to have people breathe life into our dreams. Support is a multiplier of our efforts,” said Bennett.

Several Business Development Round-tables were available so existing and emerging business owners can share ideas with one another. Shequana Hughes, Owner of Sava Group, LLC led a round-table discussion on ‘Building a Well Oiled Machine: Systems & Operations.” Shequana shared important information on prioritizing your time as a business owner. “As a business owner you have to have an iron tight schedule. You have to set boundaries for yourself and for your business,” said Hughes.

Afternoon sessions included discussions on self-care business strategies. Colleen Mulvihill, Client Support Manager for the STL Partnership Business Centers engaged attendees with innovative improv games. Some other afternoon session included Networking for Introverts, Chair Yoga Basics, A Healthy Mind, Body and Business and a session on being bold, brave and confident.

Cedric Cobb, Owner of Best Wardrobe Solutions was the final speaker at the symposium and shared his journey and expert advice as an entrepreneur.

“I really enjoyed this event. It was very informative and I enjoyed meeting and networking with other entrepreneurs. It was really encouraging. I will be back next year!” said Tyler Ituen, CEO, The Anomalous One.

This is the 5th year for this small business symposium, with planning for next year to start soon. For more information on Vision 2019 click here.