Request for Proposal – Appraisal Services – St. Louis County Port Authority

The St. Louis County Port Authority (the “Port”) owns certain real property located in the Lemay area of St. Louis County, Missouri (collectively, the “Properties”), including:
• 152 Lemay Ferry Locator No. 26G231122;
• 8534 Idaho Locator No. 26G230545;
• 135 Lemay Ferry Locator No. 26G230509;
• 133 Lemay Ferry Locator No. 26G231184;
• 133A Lemay Ferry Locator No. 26G231195;
• 125 Lemay Ferry Locator No. 26G230527; and
• 115 Lemay Ferry Locator No. 26G230536.

The Port requests proposals for an appraisal of Properties. The Port is seeking a certified appraisal of the Properties providing its “as-is” market value. Additionally, the selected firm should include the Property’s value at its highest and best use.

Appraisal services shall include providing the appraiser’s certified appraisal of the Properties and preparing a complete, summary appraisal report. The successful firm or firms should be prepared to begin the work immediately. The Port may select one or more responding parties to provide the services.

Submission of Proposals
Your proposal should provide the items identified herein and should be emailed no later than 3 PM CST on April 9, 2021, to:
1. Howl Bean II – [email protected]
2. With a copy to Jackie Wellington – [email protected]

View full RFP here.