The Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority of St. Louis County (the “LCRA”) is a political subdivision organized pursuant to Chapter 99 of the Missouri Revised Statutes for the
purposes, among others, of rehabilitating, redeveloping, and renewing real property for residential, commercial, or mixed use for the economic benefit and social welfare of St. Louis
County. The St. Louis Economic Development Partnership provides staff for the LCRA.

The LCRA owns certain real property in Wellston, Missouri, located at 6347 Plymouth Avenue, which is improved with a job-training facility (the “MET Center”). The MET Center was
negatively impacted by the recent flooding events, and the timely completion of property repair and restoration activities is necessary for the continued operations of certain areas within the
MET Center. The impacted areas include approximately 46,000 square feet under roof (see attached floor plan).

The LCRA is in need of a firm or firms to (1) identify needed repairs, remediation, and reconstruction caused by flood damage and (2) perform the same in order to remediate flood
damage at the MET Center (the “Services”). The MET Center will continue operations while the Services are performed. The LCRA issues this Request for Proposals (the “RFP”) for qualified
contractors to provide the Services on an immediate basis.

See full RFP here.

Proposals Due By:
3 PM CST on Monday, November 21, 2022
Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority
c/o St. Louis Economic Development Partnership
ATTN: Howl Bean II
7733 Forsyth Blvd., Suite 2200
St. Louis, Missouri 63105
(314) 615-7663
[email protected]
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