Mother and Daughter Duo Run Successful Businesses From the Lemay Business Center

Overcoming Obstacles and Working as a Mother and Daughter Duo

Deborah Johnson and Charleen Hoskins work together as a team and operate successful businesses out of the Lemay Business Center. Deborah is President and CEO of the Contents Adjuster Team, LLC and Charleen is Founder, President  & CEO of TPAS, LLC formerly known as The Property Adjustment Specialists.

Charleen and Deborah have been operating out of the Lemay Business Center since December 2016. “The Lemay location was perfect for the look and accessibility that I envisioned for my business. It is connected to the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership which has a vast network in St. Louis City and County that you have access to. There are monthly workshops on business-related topics that increase your level of business education and skill sets,” said Charleen.

The location is convenient and minutes away from my home in Lemay. I enjoy all the services the incubator offers such as having our own brick and mortar address, security entrance, conference rooms and informational workshops,” said Deborah.

TPAS, LLC is an insurance education resource.  TPAS utilizes opportunities in insurance adjusting to expose communities to financial stability and economic stimulation. Services include licensing, training, entrepreneur initiation, mentoring, tax education, job assistance and career mapping.

“Many people don’t know that there are career opportunities in insurance beyond being an agent. There are many lucrative options available to explore. We share where we started as insurance adjusters and give to our clients all the information that has taken us collectively 3 decades to acquire.” said Charleen.

Hoskins is the daughter of Deborah Johnson. Contents Adjuster Team, LLC is similar to her daughter’s business. The company provides investigation and claim processing services for property and casualty. “Educating each and every policyholder to receive a Fair Claim Settlement is our mission. Our personable customer attention retains our clients and their referrals bring us new business opportunities,” said Deborah.

“While working for an independent adjusting firm and helping train students, with the help of my daughter, we decided to start our own firm. That is when Contents Adjuster Team was created. I also felt like minorities were not aware of opportunities in the insurance industry and I wanted to change that with my business,” said Deborah.

Deborah and Charleen expressed challenges and overcoming them working as a team. “I have dyslexia. When reading, it takes more time for it to actually make sense. Charleen, has a photographic memory and can take in information quickly. She sometimes has to wait until I catch up. She accomplishes the quick day to day tasks and together, we discuss new ideas for our business,” said Deborah.

This mother and daughter duo are motivated to help anyone who is interested in their services. “Our motto is, give it to us and consider it done!” said Deborah and Charleen.

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