Not Your 90s airport anymore

Lambert Video

Video: Watch more about Lambert’s $150M renovation.

This is an exciting story of change, of progress and a glimpse of what the future holds for Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. Nearly a decade ago, Lambert started going through a dramatic downturn in flights and passenger activity that left the St. Louis region feeling uncertain about what our airport meant, and the value it brought to this region.

Starting in the mid-2000s, we began to methodically renovate the airport, one iconic vaulted dome, terminal, concourse and baggage claim at a time. Then in 2011, an F4 tornado hit our building, yet we forged ahead with plans of making Lambert great again. Over the next four years, continued renovations, a robust art program, community engagements and new partnerships formed a vision of hope and a sense of pride. In 2014, the icing on the cake came when the original copper roof, worn and damaged after nearly 60 years, was replaced with a new shiny copper roof.

But what does the future hold and where do we go from here? Our team embarked on a five-year strategic plan thanks to the support of the Regional Business Council, Civic Progress and Collaborative Strategies. This strategic plan will bring a renewed focus on four objectives: passenger growth, financial stability, economic development and customer satisfaction.

I hope you can take a few minutes to read about the transformation and the new Lambert experience, so that you, like us, will be proud of how far we have come and where we are going.