Growing Global 2015

St. Louis Economic Development Partnership

STL Welcomes Amb. O’Malley

Each year, World Trade Center celebrates the international companies that call St. Louis home and highlights the latest trends in global growth


United States Ambassador to Ireland, and St. Louis-native, Kevin O’Malley, returns home for Growing Global and to accept the prestigious St. Louis Global Ambassador Award.

But this year is special. United States Ambassador to Ireland, and St. Louis-native, Kevin O’Malley will return home to accept the World Trade Center St. Louis’ Global Ambassador Award. This will be the Ambassador’s first visit to his hometown since accepting the ambassadorship.

 We believe there has been no greater advocate for St. Louis this year than Ambassador O’Malley.

We are excited that, for the first time, a venture capitalist will headline Growing Global. Keynote speaker, Tom Hillman, is a long-time St. Louis businessman, investor and philanthropist. Hillman, founder of, recently formed a venture capital firm, Lewis & Clark Ventures. He has been involved with private business enterprises and has owned more than 30 companies in a variety of industries. He personally is involved in the acceleration of St. Louis’ entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem.

“With the advance of technology, communication systems and transportation infrastructure, many businesses have found themselves in a world without borders,” said Hillman. “If the outside world is changing faster than your company’s inside world, you might get left behind.”

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