Pluton Biosciences Funding Campaign Met Utilizing the Nvsted Platform

Pluton Biosciences, LLC is the second successful company to reach investment goal on Nvsted.

Pluton Biosciences, LLC, became the second successful company to reach its investment goal on Nvsted, an equity crowdfunding platform that offers resources and investment opportunities for the St. Louis business community. Pluton launched its funding campaign in January 2019, raising $98,000 from 26 investors in just five months.

Pluton Biosciences is a start-up company focused on microbial research to help ensure a sustainable future for our planet.  Pluton utilizes their own patented research platform called Micromining™, which has enabled Pluton to demonstrate it can cost-effectively accelerate the discovery of new microbial-based solutions for licensing to global biosolution producers.

Led by CEO Charlie Walch and a team of engineers and Ph.D. scientists, Pluton is discovering new ways to use bacteria, fungi, and viruses to make next generation bioproducts, while filling critical “cracks” that exist in today’s research and development pipelines.

Next up for Pluton is a possible move to the Helix Center Biotech Incubator, part of the 39 North AgTech Innovation District.  The move would put the company in the heart of the 39N district surrounded by some of the leaders in AgTech, such as the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, BioResearch & Development Growth (BRDG) Park, and Bayer International. “The growth of Pluton is another great example of how the St. Louis region is working together to create a vibrant ag innovation ecosystem and a 21st century economy,” said Sam Fiorello, COO Danforth Plant Science Center and President of BRDG Park. “We look forward to welcoming them to 39 North and helping them advance solutions that will benefit farmers at home and abroad.”

According to the Brookings Institute, this collection of facilities anchors the region’s economic development strategy, whose “emphasis [is] fostering local high-growth, innovation-based start-ups,” by “providing capital, facilities, talent, and networks for innovative firms.” Brookings goes on to say, “One key barrier to the growth of young, science based firms is the lack of space with affordable, specialized lab equipment” and that “access to inexpensive space and equipment is even more important given that startups are increasingly expected to carry technologies further before being acquired or receiving investments.” The Helix Center offers a unique space in which a company can continue to develop without extreme financial burdens that impede growth.

Janet Wilding, Vice President of 39N and Major Projects for the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership said that “The Helix Center is a space that offers crucial cash savings to startup firms, a trait of utmost importance.” A recent success story out of the Helix Center is Benson Hill, who after experiencing major growth while based out of the Helix Center, is now expanding into a new $52 million office at 39 North.

Both Nvsted and the 39N district are programs of the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership (SLEDP), which attracts, retains and grows businesses in St. Louis City and St. Louis County. Brookings gives special attention to the efforts of the SLEDP in continuing to foster innovation and growth in the St. Louis region: “The SLEDP has filled critical gaps in terms of long-term planning (39 North), early-stage funding (Helix fund), nonprofit facilities (Helix Center), and Foreign Direct Investment attraction.”

Ched Wagner, Nvsted manager, says, “The SLEDP’s tools and resources extend to all phases of a business’ life cycle, whether that’s using Nvsted to raise funds, enlisting the Business Finance division’s help to receive small business lending, or working with the Business Development division to continue to grow a company right here in St. Louis.” Wagner refers to the SLEDP as a problem solver, and says the Partnership’s resources, including Nvsted, can often be solutions to the problems companies need to solve. “Pluton’s success in using Nvsted further cements St. Louis’ burgeoning identity as a fertile region for start-ups, especially in the AgTech industry.”

Colleen Mulvihill, SLEDP Client Support Manager and SBDC Business Counselor adds, “There’s a wealth of resources for start-ups in St. Louis. I’m thrilled to play a part in helping great innovators and entrepreneurs, like Charlie Walch and Pluton Bio, to take full advantage of those resources. Charlie and team clearly have a grasp on what it takes to get connected and forge ahead to make the Pluton Bio dream a reality.”


More About Nvsted

Nvsted was launched in April 2018 by the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership (SLEDP) and serves as a Regulation Crowdfunding platform for companies within the St. Louis region. Nvsted strengthens the St. Louis region’s position as a fertile area to start and grow a business by providing an innovative platform that uniquely supports the region and the business community. Nvsted Manager, Ched Wagner, describes raising money on the platform as a way for start-up companies to “extend their runway” before revenue streams begin to flow in. Companies may use the funds they raise through Nvsted in areas they need most, to include payroll, marketing, or paying down debt.

The access to funding that the SLEDP provides through Nvsted can be integral to future success in early stages of a company’s life cycle. Nvsted and the crowd of investors can provide the necessary buoy to keep start-up companies afloat financially so that they can continue to develop.