Movers & Shakers 2019 Trailnet Gala

The 2019 Trailnet Gala Celebrates the Passion for Walking and Biking in St. Louis!

The Movers & Shakers 2019 Trailnet Gala celebrated and heightened everyone’s passion for walking and biking in St. Louis.

Katrina Pon, Treasurer of Trailnet’s Executive Board kicked off the event welcoming the large, diverse crowd. As an avid cyclist and runner, Katrina fully supports Trailnet. “I am passionate about connecting our city, fostering a healthy community and keeping our streets safe for all.” said Katrina.

Honorary Gala Co-chairs Mayor Lyda Krewson and County Executive Sam Page were also featured speakers at the event. “Reinvisioning our transportation system will help our economy. As Mayor, I want to see more options for people to get around our amazing city without needing to use a car.” Said Krewson.

County Executive Sam Page also spoke on the importance of Trailnet being an essential transportation option for St. Louis. “St. Louis County has an urgent need to address barriers to health and equity by capturing opportunities for people to travel by foot, bike and public transit. When we look at other communities across the country, we know that we can do better. We also know that the decisions we make today will have profound impacts on health and safety of future generations. I want to ensure we make the sustainable transportation choices that will enable our community to thrive.” said Page.

Keynote speaker Scott Ogilve, Transportation Policy Planner for the City of St. Louis enforced the onward movement of Trailnet. “Trailnet has been a consistent force of progress and we are proud of the amazing outcome in our city.” Said Ogilve.

Interim CEO and President Rodney Crim at the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership was excited to be part of the Gala Host Committee this year. ““Trailnet has been a leader for active living and safe protected bikeways.  Many cities that have developed safe biking and walking infrastructure are attracting population growth, new businesses and millions of dollars in real estate development.””

Jason Hall, CEO and Co-Founder of Arch to Park and Justin Kern, Medical Researcher at Washington University School of Medicine were also Co-chairs of this year’s event. Both expressed their advocacy for a more vibrant and connected city that includes safe infrastructure and increases biking and walking options for all.

Cindy Mense, CEO at Trailnet will continue to be the force that helps Trailnet to succeed. “The regions collaborative spirit is both inspiring and defining a new civic identity, one that is known for safe and equitable transportation. Together we can get there, moving in the same direction, with an eye toward the future.” said Mense.

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Mayor Lyda Krewson speaking at the 2019 Trailnet Gala

Rodney Crim, Michelle Stuckey, Cordaryl Patrick and Mia Turner from the STL Partnership at the 2019  Trailnet Gala