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College Grads Pick St. Louis

Walk around and you’ll notice there is a young, new vibe in a lot of St. Louis neighborhoods. Think Maplewood, The Loop and Tower Grove. That’s why I wasn’t surprised to read this New York Times article titled “Where Young College Graduates are Choosing to Live.”  It mentions the rise in recent college graduates choosing St. Louis as their next place to call home.

One St. Louis construction blogger thinks it’s tied to the rise of innovation communities around the area. That makes sense. Those areas are attractive to young workers who want to live, work, shop and socialize in the same neighborhood. These innovation districts are a magnet for new development. Just look at the recent progress of IKEA in the Cortex Innovation District.

I come from a public planning background, so I tend to wonder how these demographic trends will change housing and commuting habits around town. It definitely will have an impact. The fun part is seeing how it will reshape St. Louis in ways we never imagined.

By the way, if you are new to St. Louis, welcome! We’re glad you are here.

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