Business Development

Sector Summaries

Looking at the sector summaries, the St. Louis region is booming with facts and figures above others.

While the world headquarters for 15 Fortune 1000 companies, including Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc., Emerson Electric, May Department Stores, Graybor Electric, and Bayer, the St. Louis region offers one, simple stop for business services, foreign trade and financing. Greater St. Louis also ranks 13th in the United States as a headquarter location for Fortune 500 companies. Moreover, the city boasts three of the nation’s 100 fastest-growing companies: Talx, Panera Bread, and Engineered Support Systems, and supports a strong manufacturing sector with the three major American automakers—General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford—operating assembly plants in the area.

Advanced Manufacturing
Companies: 3,573
Employees: 94,050

Companies: 1,583
Employees: 29,694

Financial & Information Services
Companies: 6,200
Employees: 81,500

Health Science & Services
Companies: 9,351
Employees: 251,440

Information Technology
Companies: 4,634
Employees: 61,030

Multimodal Logistics
Companies: 6,870
Employees: 101,338