Congrats to the 2020 Neighborhood Leadership Fellows Cohort

The NLF program celebrates the new 2020 Cohort!

The Neighborhood Leadership Fellows Program recently celebrated the new 2020 Cohort and held their first meeting last week. The NLF is an advanced leadership training program of UMSL, MU Extension, the St. Louis Promise Zone and the STL Partnership.

Neighborhoods in the Promise Zone are the primary geographic focus for the program. St. Louis Promise Zone Director, Erica Henderson was a featured guest speaker and welcomed the 2020 Cohorts. ““We’re proud to partner with Creating Whole Communities and anticipate great things from this inaugural Cohort,” said Henderson.

Erica Henderson, St. Louis Promise Zone Director speaks at the first Cohort meeting On January 10, 2020.

The program works to increase and amplify the voices of North St. Louis City and North St. Louis County residents at the civic decision-making tables in order to produce more equitable regional policies for neighborhoods.

Individuals participate in a nine-month advanced leadership training in Partnership with UMSL Extension focused on North St Louis City and North County. This Fellowship provides hands-on workshops on policy, research, and innovation promoting equitable neighborhood development. The program also offers positional power trainings for boards, commissions, and public office. In addition participants master collaborative learning through dialogue and presentations among fellows and experts and civic mentoring from leaders and peers.

Trevaughn Latimer, Community and Investment Vista for the St. Louis Promise Zone is excited to be chosen for the new 2020 Cohort. “NLF brings community members together to give them tools to think about different aspects of community development,” said Latimer.

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Attendees at the first Cohort meeting on January 10, 2020.