Who We Are

St. Louis County Port Authority

Board Description:
The St. Louis County Port Authority was established by Missouri state statute.  It promotes general welfare, encourages private capital investment, increases the volume of commerce and promotes the establishment of a foreign trade zone within the port district.

Port Board Contact:

John Maupin

Port Board Representative
St. Louis County Port Authority Chairperson
Port District 2

Mike Hejna

Port District 7

Amy Hunter

Port District 1

Gil Kleinknecht

St. Louis County Port Authority Treasurer
Port District 3

Ruth Lee

Port District 4

Ambassador Kevin O'Malley

Ambassador-in-Residence and Professor of Practice
St. Louis University School of Law
Port District 5

Marianne Ojile

Port District 6

Howl Bean II

St. Louis Economic Development Partnership
In House Counsel
Port Assistant Secretary