Business Retention & Expansion

Business Retention & Expansion

Linking St. Louis companies with government and economic development officials ensures business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs know who to contact regarding opportunities or challenges. Communication between government and industry is an essential part of business growth. The economic development community of St. Louis links companies with resources, networks, and solutions.


1. Engage regional companies through planned visits (in-person and virtual) to cultivate further investment in St. Louis to grow, expand and create jobs.
2. Become an active partner with regional company leaders and management to identify and resolve business / community and workforce related issues and challenges unique to the St. Louis market.
3. Identify new investment opportunities through industry knowledge, company supply chain and customer relationships.
4. Equity and inclusion throughout – Include businesses located in areas of economic disadvantage and owned by women, minorities and immigrants.

St. Louis Partners:

St. Louis is committed to the success of local companies. Our network of partners is available to assist you with any questions or needs.

• AllianceSTL
• Ameren
• America’s SBDC Missouri
• Missouri Department of Economic Development
• Spire

•St. Louis Development Corporation
• St. Louis Economic Development Partnership
• St. Louis Mosaic Project
• World Trade Center St. Louis