Welcome Running Tide to the STL Partnership Helix Center Biotech Incubator

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Running Tide recently opened a location at the STL Partnership Helix Center Biotech Incubator in the 39 North Innovation District. Running Tide works to repair the planet by removing CO2 from the atmosphere and restoring the natural systems of the ocean.

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CO2 is captured by distributed kelp microforest buoys then sunk into the deep ocean using only sunlight, gravity, and ocean currents. Once growth peaks, the microforest sinks to the ocean floor where the carbon will be buried by sediments or consumed by deep-sea marine life.

Running Tide has also developed systems that grow organic matter more effectively in the ocean. Kelp forests and shellfish reefs cycle nutrients, protect against storm surges, combat ocean acidification and create a habitat for marine life. With this system, Running Tide grows the world’s most sustainable protein: oysters.

To learn more about Running Tide, visit their website here.