St. Louis Promise Zone

The St. Louis Promise Zone, Continuing Their Mission To Promote Literacy in the Community

The St. Louis Promise Zone, shares story of hope and literacy in the community

Artist Cbabi Bayoc demonstrating stenciling the community boxes

The St. Louis Promise Zone is continuing to work diligently to make sure library boxes are maintained and filled with complimentary unique books for children in the community. The first boxes were installed in areas of the St. Louis community in 2017.

Local artist Cbabi Bayoc brilliantly created an empowering “Birds of Wisdom” design for the library boxes. “It was a cool project because it was a stark contrast of what was happening in the area at that time,” said Bayoc.

The theme “Birds of Wisdom” represents hope, inspiration, belief and exploration. “We wanted to continue that theme and what better way to do that through these library boxes,” said Erica Henderson, Executive Director of the St. Louis Promise Zone.

St. Louis Promise Zone community box

Henderson also is spearheading this effort and feels passionately about literacy in the community. “We wanted to promote literacy through out the St. Louis Promise Zone,” said Henderson. “Literacy is so important when we think about the seven school districts in the zone.”

The St. Louis Promise Zone program partners with local leaders to give communities proven tools to rebuild and put people back to work. The federal program launched in 2013, designates high-poverty urban, rural and tribal communities as Promise Zones in order to increase economic activity, improve educational outcomes, reduce serious and violent crime, invest in transformative development and improve health and wellness.

For more information about the St. Louis Promise Zone free community library boxes check out the video below provided by HEC Media.