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St. Louis Mosaic Project Group Exceeds 500 Members

The International Spouse Meetup Group Has 500 Members

The STL International Spouses Meetup Group is a group for international women spouses interested in getting to know people from different cultures, helping them to settle down and breaking culture barriers. The mission of this group is to embrace, to ease the adaptation process and to promote the integration of international spouses in the local community.
The STL International Spouses Meetup Group now has over 500 members representing over 70 countries. Watch members of this group say what their favorite part of St. Louis is by clicking the image below.

Group activities and events include:

• Meeting international spouses from all over the world
• Sharing experiences and exchanging cultural information
• Learning about American culture: customs, holidays, and people
• Helping the trailing spouses to connect, adapt, integrate and live better in the St. Louis community
Susan Gobbo is a co-founder and coordinator of this International Spouses Group. Join this group at St. Louis International
Spouses Meetup Group or Email contact [email protected]