Attendees at the RAMP meeting on February 25th.

Advanced Manufacturing

RAMP Meeting Addresses Importance of Advanced Manufacturing

Leaders of the Community Successfully Gather at the Quarterly RAMP Meeting

RAMP meeting attendee, Jay De Long, Director
of Research Enabled at the University of Missouri St. Louis speaking at the RAMP Meeting.

The quarterly Regional Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (RAMP) meeting took place Tuesday, February 25th at the STL Partnership. Leaders in the manufacturing, defense, education and government sector attended the quarterly event.

John Hixson, Vice President of the Defense Initiatives department at the STL Partnership spoke on behalf of Dan Skulan of Renishaw on information about metrology and additive manufacturing.  “Renishaw is the global leader in industrial metrology and metal additive manufacturing. The content of Dan’s presenattion was very innovative and informative” said Hixson.

Attending the meeting was RAMP participant, Becky Epps, Program Manager for St. Louis Community College. She expressed the need for more student interest in manufacturing. “We are always looking for students who really want to pursue a career in manufacturing. Manufacturing is an interesting trade to learn and can turn into a lucrative career,” said Epps. STLCC has several programs that focus on advanced manufacturing including the Emerson Center for Engineering and Manufacturing.

If you would like more information about the RAMP Meetings please contact John Hixson at [email protected].

About the Regional Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (RAMP)

The Regional Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (RAMP) is the unified comprehensive regional voice of the St. Louis advanced manufacturing space.

Rodney Crim, CEO and President at the STL Partnership talks about advanced manufacturing and innovation at
the RAMP Meeting on February 25th.                                                           

John Hixson, VP of the Defense Initiatives the STL Partnership presents information about Renishaw at the RAMP meeting on February 25th.