Movers and Shakers: Making Shift Happen 2020 Trailnet Gala

Trailnet Gala celebrates making streets safer, biking in St. Louis and bringing the community together.

Cindy Mense, CEO at Trailnet presents at the 2020 Trailnet Gala

The Movers and Shakers Trailnet Gala was held on Thursday, October 29th and went virtual this year to celebrate biking in St. Louis, making streets safer, and bringing the community together.

Trailnet’s vision is to make St. Louis one of the healthiest most active and connected regions in the country. By purchasing a ticket, attendees were able to support programs to make healthier, more sustainable transportation a reality in St. Louis.

The event kicked off with Cindy Mense, CEO at Trailnet presenting important updates about Trailnet. “We advocated for the start of a Cass District to fund building the trails,” said Mense. “Through that project, we saw the creation of Great Rivers Greenway and the Metro East Parks and Recreation District.”

Community Partners for Trailnet

Trailnet member Nate Johnson also expressed the importance of Trailnet. “It’s really about connectivity, working to bring the community together,” said Johnson “This is why I am proud to be a member and support the work that Trailnet does.”


Fore more information about Trailnet and how to get involved visit their website here.

Singer/Songwriter Tonina performing at the Trailnet Gala