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Man holds a certificateSaveDrivers Services Driving School of St. Louis is doing their part to help the community and recently worked with the STL Partnership Business Finance team to secure a small business resource loan.

“Through obtaining a loan at the right time from the STL Partnership, we were able to reopen after the lock down and begin rebuilding our business structure,” said Ronnie Williams, Owner of SaveDrivers Driving School of St. Louis. “Before the pandemic I was not aware of the resources that were available to us through this organization and look forward to gaining assistance to re-establishing our growth plan. They continued to work with us and realized the need for our business and worked to get us funded.”

SaveDrivers Driving School of St. Louis focuses on helping individuals learn how to drive and develop good driving habits from the beginning. Seasoned instructors use their expertise to attentively observe each student while driving and to address and correct any issues students may have. “With the technology we use and our knowledge about the industry, it makes the process of learning to drive more enjoyable to learn and less stressful,” said Williams.

Ronnie Williams, Owner of SaveDrivers Driving School of St. Louis

Ronnie Williams, Owner of SaveDrivers Driving School of St. Louis

Owner Ronnie Williams has 22 years experience and 45 years in the transportation industry which molded his idea to start his business. His many positions include working for the Driver’s Examiner Office for the Missouri State Highway Patrol, a truck driver instructor and working for the National Safety Council as a trainer.

“I am passionate about saving drivers and preventing motor vehicle collisions, therefore, through facilitating driver’s education and training, we are making an impact in our community,” said Williams.


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Like many other businesses, dealing with COVID-19 has changed the business structure of SaveDrivers Driving School of St. Louis. “There is no 6-foot social distancing in the car. So, we are in the process of developing a Covit shield that separates the student from the instructor and allows us to assist the student in the learning process,” said Williams. “We are also in the process of changing the size of the vehicles to give more space inside and the PPE is another cost that we must provide to keep the instructors and the students safe in the car.”

Williams is enthusiastic about the future of his business. “Before the pandemic we went through the Small Business Administration Emerging Leaders Class and were on a 3-year growth plan,” said Ronnie. “Now with the pandemic we are on a 3-year survival plan but we are optimistic about the future of our company and will continue to make an impact in the community.”

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