Revolutionizing Plant Care with Posie Pots

Three plants on a desk

“Worry Not: You’ve Got a Posie Pot”
In the world of planting, the battle against under-watering or over-watering your plants burdens even the most experienced gardeners. Kay Wells, founder and visionary of Posie Pots, has created a simplified way to keep those plants healthy and vibrant.

Inspired by her own plant struggles, Kay’s background in mechanical engineering and passion for horticulture and sustainability helped her created Posie Pots – a self-watering 3D-printed planter designed to take the guesswork out of plant care. Utilizing 3D printing technology and eco-friendly, corn based plastic, Posie Pots’ patented design and functionality is what revolutionizes plant care. Each pot comes fit with a built in water reservoir that holds water for up to thirty days to ensure optimal water uptake while preventing root rot.

“Our goal is to promote sustainability while simplifying plant care,” Kay said. “With Posie Pots, you can enjoy beautiful, healthy plants without constantly monitoring their water levels.”

Since its inception in 2019, Posie Pots has experienced steady growth across the board. From an increase in sales by 50% in the past year, to being featured on ABC’s Good Morning America and receiving prestigious awards, Kay and her team have captured the attention of plant enthusiasts nationwide. The team also dedicates time for local community involvement by supporting various organizations that promote STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) activities. Their previous local collaborations include Maryville University student affairs, Kwame Charitable Foundation and Lincoln University Urban Impact Center.

Looking ahead, Kay’s vision for Posie Pots extends beyond just caring for plants. “Our ultimate dream is to have Posie Pots stocked in national and local retailers,” Kay said. “We also aim to break barriers within STEAM and create first-generational wealth.”

Kay and her team attribute a portion of their success to St. Louis Economic Development Partnership (STL Partnership) and their Wellston Business Incubator. With the aid of the incubator, Posie Pots has expanded their physical presence and launched a showroom.

“Thanks to the STL Partnership Business Incubator, we enhanced our manufacturing space and continued to promote our STEAM program,” Kay said.

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Watch the Good Morning America feature below.