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A Successful Project

  • Models previously successful projects. Those managing the project have experience in creating jobs and improving communities.
  • Fills an economic need not previously met rather than overcrowding a given market.
  • Increases the likelihood that EB-5 investors will achieve green card status. Failure to produce the requisite jobs will damage the ability to attract foreign investment in the future.
  • Creates 10 jobs, directly or indirectly, for every EB-5 investor involved in the project. The creation of these jobs must be demonstrable by econometric analysis. Claims of job creation will withstand the scrutiny of the USCIS.
  • Is modest in its projection of how many jobs it will create. It recognizes that under-promising and over-delivering is preferable to the opposite alternative.
  • Takes into account the effect of the project’s location on potential investment. Projects carried out in a Targeted Employment Area or Rural Area will require $500,000 in investment from each investor. Those not carried out in those areas will require $1,000,000 in investment from each investor.
  • Requires that the investment money actually be in an at-risk place. Investors will not be able to achieve green card status unless this is the case.
  • Anticipates unfavorable changes in circumstances with realistic contingency plans. A successful project should succeed in challenging situations.
  • Are complicit with rules and regulations set forth by the USCIS.