World Trade Center St. Louis

Maximize Your Investment

Get the Most out of Your World Trade Center St. Louis Membership!

You can maximize your investment with the World Trade Center St. Louis through the several services and programs we provide to our members.

Supply The World Trade Center St. Louis with Information About Your Organization 
The World Trade Center St. Louis has access to a worldwide network of contacts, databases and trade leads. The information that we receive from you will help to ensure that your specific needs are being met. For instance, when you complete the country-specific table on the member affiliation form, we will use that information to arrange private meetings with incoming trade officials, invite smaller groups to more focused seminars or arrange one-on-one meetings with sales prospects. In addition, we encourage you to meet each member of the World Trade Center St. Louis staff. As each staff member learns more about you and your organization, they will be better equipped to meet your needs.

Attend at Least Five International Trade Seminars or Educational Programs 
Each year, the World Trade Center St. Louis offers more than 40 award-winning programs that cover a plethora of relevant international trade topics. From country-specific seminars and regulatory updates to trade legislation roundtables, attending just FIVE programs will help you find answers to your international trade questions and network with additional international colleagues. However, the more educational programs or international trade seminars your company takes advantage of, the greater the benefits to your employees, your company and you.

Utilize our In-House Research Services
If you need tailored market assessments, contact our International Business Development Specialist, Susan Spitz. Due to our access to a worldwide network of contacts, databases and trade leads, the World Trade Center St. Louis is the only regional organization that can assist you with importing, exporting and overseas sourcing solutions.

Attend All Networking Receptions
With approximately 140 member companies, each of which has an average of 10 employees, you are bound to make a connection at a World Trade Center St. Louis networking event that will benefit you.

Use the Resources of the World Trade Centers Association
Since members have access to nearly 300 World Trade Centers, we encourage them to utilize this if travelling domestically or abroad. In addition to using their facilities to meet with clients and prospects, members can also find a local distributor. To locate the nearest World Trade Center to your travel destination, contact our office at 314-615-8141 or send us an e-mail.