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St. Louis Promise Zone

The St. Louis Promise Zone 2019 Highlights

The St. Louis Promise Zone has made huge strides in 2019.

St. Louis Promise Zone 2019 Highlights

St. Louis Racial Equity Summit 2019 participants.

In 2019, the St. Louis Promise Zone has seen growth and new partnerships in various areas of their mission. These include:

+$80M Total Federal Investment Since Inception

The Promise Zone has seen over $80M in program grants to local governments and organizations within the 60 square mile area since it’s creation in 2015. In addition to local partners in the Promise Zone, federal agencies provide a wide array of technical and financial support to projects underway in the designated area. These funds are intended to support all Promise Zone initiatives that strive for ongoing collaboration and change that will drive regional growth and create a better, more inclusive St. Louis region.

The Inaugural 2019 St. Louis Racial Equity Summit

The first St. Louis Racial Equity Summit on October 10-11, 2019 offered a platform for participants to learn about elevating, connecting, and activating the people, practices, and resources necessary to achieve racial equity.

Erica Henderson, Executive Director of the St. Louis Promise Zone and VP of Community Investment and Real Estate at the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership said she was excited to see over 500 community partners participate in the first ever St. Louis Racial Equity Summit.

“It is the collective voice that is needed as we work towards justice for all,” Henderson said. “Thank you to all of our sponsors, speakers, and participants who made this event a success. We are proud to be a part of the organizing team with Clark-Fox Policy Institute at Washington University, Focus St. Louis, Forward through Ferguson, and United Way of Greater St. Louis.”

The St. Louis Promise Zone and Forward Through Ferguson Partnership

The St. Louis Promise Zone works toward continued alignment of racial equity and economic justice work for equitable opportunities in partnership with Forward Through Ferguson. When the St. Louis Racial Equity Summit 2019Ferguson Commission examined statistics on quality-of-life issues, African-Americans universally fared worse than Whites. Because of this reality, the St. Louis Promise Zone is uniquely aligned with Forward Through Ferguson to address this racial inequity. Each of the Promise Zone goals are aligned with the Calls to Action from the Ferguson Commission Report – 29 goals in total, ensuring that all activities are completed using a racial equity lens.

“From helping municipalities streamline zoning, to empowering residents to become the developers of their own communities, the Promise Zone leadership understands that to achieve greater equity, we must yield to the decision-making authority of the communities we serve,” said Henderson. “We only enhance collective impact when we integrate and elevate the expertise and authority of those closest to the issues at hand. Our residents have much of the wisdom and clarity to drive their collective agenda – it is our role to empower them with the tools to do so.”