Photo by Bryan Schraier

St. Louis Mosaic Project

The Melting Pot: Susan Gobbo

International Spouses Consultant

Meet Susan Gobbo, founder and coordinator of the STL International Spouses Meetup Group and administrator of the International Mentoring Program that is led by Annie Schlafly. Susan works with the Partnership’s St. Louis Mosaic Project, led by Betsy Cohen and her talented team.  One group works with foreign-born women who move to St. Louis after their spouses are transferred.  The Meetup Group helps them to settle into St. Louis and make connections with other international women while the Mentoring Program connects them to local women who can help them integrate into the local community. A new program for international men who have moved to St. Louis is meeting as well. 

Susan is featured in Gazelle Magazine this month, read her inspirational story here.

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