STL Partnership Business Centers 2019 Highlights

The STL Partnership Business Centers are here to help small businesses grow!

The Business Centers has been busy this year counseling over 100 clients for startup, business planning, financial and projections to expansion through partnership with the Missouri Small Business Development Center. (SBDC)

“I am committed to helping small businesses gain opportunities to grow and maintain their businesses. Small businesses are an essential part of economic development in our community,” said Colleen Mulvihill, Client Support Manager for the STL Partnership Business Centers and SBDC Counselor.

The Chesterfield Business Center is open for business and provides affordable warehouse space. Some of our vacancies include small office space from 150 sq. ft. to 1700 sq. ft. of warehouse space, The Business Centers can accommodate all of your small business space needs.

Several of our Helix Center companies have had exciting announcements. Benson Hill is a recent graduate of the Helix Center and announced a $60 million in Series C funding. MediBeacon raised $30 million in venture capital and Galera went public with $60 million IPO.

Our Lemay Business Center continues to thrive. The Lemay Center is home to startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs. Conveniently located near south St. Louis City and South County, this center has great opportunities for small businesses to grow.

The Lemay Streetscape is newly finished and has been a great improvement on the sidewalks, lighting and landscaping in the area.

With programming available by the Small Business Development Center and AARP, this center has a lot to offer. Check out this highlight from Charleen Hoskins and Deborah Johnson, a mother and daughter duo running successful businesses from the Lemay Business Center.

The Wellston Business Center completed its expansion and doubled in size offering office and warehouse space. The center is unique for its location adjacent to public transportation, an early childcare center and workforce training.

For more information about the business centers contact Colleen Mulvihill at 314-615-7694 or [email protected].