STL Partnership – Business Center @ Lemay

STL Partnership – Business Center @ Lemay

STL Business Center @ Lemay is the place to be for new ideas and the next generation of successful , high-potential companies. Plug into our dynamic network of physical space and essential resources, and you, too, can energize your enterprise.

315 Lemay Ferry Road, MO 63125
For More Info contact Colleen Mulvihill  |    314.615.7694    |     Email

Office: 110-1,640 SF
Warehouses: 690 SF
Retail: 1,050-1,640 SF


Conveniently located near Interstate 55 in South St. Louis County, STL Business Center @Lemay features office, warehouse and production space for startup and early stage small- to mid-sized businesses.

Affordable, high quality space is just the beginning. Be part of Saint Louis Business Center- Lemay and take advantage of every opportunity to build momentum for your venture. Our team can put your business on the fast track with on-site support, fresh insights, connection to capital, networking and customized mentoring



Some Lemay Clients Include 

Ooh St.Lou Studios – Provides photography and videography services to individuals and businesses while helping businesses create imagery that will form and authentic connection with their clients to create photos and videos that preserve precious memories.

Motivate Healthcare – Providing personal care for family members safely and independently in heir own homes. The solution for families that need an extra level of care.


St. Louis Teacher’s Recycle Center –  A nonprofit organization dedicated to keeping creative materials and reusable resources out of landfills and putting them in the hands of children, teachers, artists and others for creative and intellectual development.

STL Engineering – specializes in providing engineering consulting services for heavy industrial facilities in the mineral processing, mining, utility, metals, chemical, petroleum, and manufacturing industries.

and many more…