Demolition funding is approved

Today we take a big step forward for Ferguson, Dellwood and all of St. Louis County.  Alongside my team at St. Louis Economic Development Partnership, I have designated $500,000 for cleanup in the Dellwood/Ferguson area. The project funds were secured from the St. Louis County Port Authority, and they will be used to demolish the burned properties and begin immediate beautification efforts in these communities. 

It’s an important step forward for St. Louis County. We will be working with business owners to determine exactly what structures will be torn down and what will be put in their place. We want business owners to feel good when they pull into work. 

The Request for Proposal (RFP) process will begin this week to find a qualified demolition crew. Importantly, we will do this without a single tax dollar. The St. Louis County Port Authority approved the funding of the project. The Port Authority receives lease payments from River City Casino for the operation of its gaming facility in South St. Louis County. Those funds are reinvested into the community by the Port Authority for the betterment of St. Louis County.

Click here to learn more about the demolition funding.