The St. Louis Economic Development Partnership (the “Partnership”) is a Missouri nonprofit corporation in good standing organized pursuant to Chapter 355 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri for the purpose of advancing the social welfare, health, and economic interests of St. Louis County, the City of St. Louis, and their residents.

In furtherance of its purposes, the Partnership is in need of liaison services with federal-level governmental officials, agencies, and elected representatives on behalf of the Partnership and its related entities, as well as St. Louis County government (collectively, the “Partnership”), as more fully described herein (the “Services”).

The Partnership issues this Request for Proposals (the “RFP”) for a firm to provide the Services for a one-year period with two successive options for the Partnership, at its sole discretion, to renew for terms of one year each. The contract issued pursuant to this RFP may include a period of up to three (3) years.

See RFP here.

Responses Due By:
3 PM CST on November 10, 2022
St. Louis Economic Development Partnership
Attn: Howl Bean II
7733 Forsyth Blvd., Suite 2200
St. Louis, Missouri 63105
(314) 615-7663
[email protected]