Open Request for Qualifications For Professional Services from MBE and WBE Firms

In an effort to be more equitable and inclusive in the contracting process, the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership, with its affiliated entities (collectively, the “Partnership”), issues this open request for qualifications from MBE and WBE firms (as defined in Exhibit A) for various projects initiated during the 2023 calendar year. The Partnership seeks to be more intentional and deliberate in connecting to diverse firms as it works to advance economic opportunities for all businesses in the St. Louis region.

The Board of Directors for the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership has adopted standards for the Partnership’s procurement of contracts with MBE and WBE firms. In order to increase the equity of its contracting processes, the Partnership seeks to establish a directory of qualified MBE and WBE professional services/consulting firms. Firms included in this directory will be notified of every published contract opportunity that the Partnership advertises during the 2023 calendar year.

See full RFQ here.

Qualification submittals will be accepted at any time throughout the 2023 calendar year. However, to ensure your firm is notified of each contract opportunity offered by the Partnership during the 2023 calendar year, please submit your firm’s qualifications as soon as possible.

Please submit one PDF copy of statement of qualifications to:
St. Louis Economic Development Partnership
Attn: Dana Cook
[email protected]