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Competitive Advantage

St. Louis is the dynamic, low-cost place to grow your business. From starting small to growing globally, the St. Louis region has the diverse talent, innovation and pro-business climate to help you grow and prosper:

Our Workforce

St. Louis has one of the most well-educated workforces with a bachelor’s degree attainment nearly 10 percent higher than the national average.

Our Companies

Thousands of companies call St. Louis home, including 45,730 businesses, 18 Fortune 1000s and seven of the nation’s largest private companies.

Our Quality of Life

From sports fan to museum lover, we have something for everyone. Paired with a low cost of living and housing, St. Louis is affordable, diverse and family-friendly.

Our Support

We are pro-development. Through strong partnerships, infrastructure investment and strategic incentives, we strive to help you achieve excellence.

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