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Pieces STL Received EDA Loan from STL Partnership

Pieces STL: The First Board Game Full Service Restaurant in St. Louis

Pieces STL is the first board game full-service restaurant in St. Louis. This vibrant space has more than 500 board games for you to enjoy with friends, a diverse dining menu and venue space for events.

James and Laura Lettau met Ameet Rawal after they relocated to St. Louis. They became good friends and decided to partner to create this unique concept for Pieces STL.  They were familiar with other game cafes in different cities and felt that St. Louis would be a great place to move forward with the idea.

“Everyone is constantly on their phones all the time. Pieces STL was created to get friends and family more engaged with each other through board games and excellent food without distraction from their phones. ” said Co-Owner, Laura Lettau.

Game Navigators are also on staff to help you and your party with any questions you have about the board games. “We want people to relax and have fun. We don’t want you struggling to figure out directions.” said Lettau.

The STL Partnership was instrumental in helping Pieces STL to receive a $50,000 Economic Development Administration (EDA) Loan. Pieces is a very entertaining and unique venue for anyone of any age.  Their vast library of games is amazing and one can find a classic game they played with their family and friends many years ago.” said Tim Bohnert, Business Development Officer at the STL Partnership.

Pieces STL opened in December 2016 and seems to be a favorite in the community. “It has been an interesting time so far, we love our customers and they seem to love us back!” said Laura.

For more information about Pieces STL visit their website here.

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