By August Jennewein

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Pat Patrick Featured in UMSL Daily

Courtesy of UMSL Daily (By Steve Walentik)

He Serves as the Partnership's Economic Recovery Coordinator

Cordaryl “Pat” Patrick had barely made it inside the entrance to the Starbucks in Ferguson, Mo., when one of the patrons sitting near the front reached up to get his attention and shake his hand.

He spotted another waving excitedly at him from behind some decorative glass as he started to sit down at a table a short time later, and he took care to go over and greet her.

And Patrick couldn’t leave the store without a quick goodbye to the manager that turned into a conversation that carried on several minutes.

Pat with Partnership CEO Sheila Sweeney

Since November 2015, the 30-year-old has worked as the economic recovery coordinator for the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership, so he travels it often, visiting with business owners in FergusonDellwood and Jennings –municipalities that were most impacted by civil unrest that occurred in the aftermath of the shooting of Michael Brown Jr. in 2014.

“The Partnership wrote a grant through the Department of Commerce, the Economic Development Administration, to bring on an economic recovery coordinator to sort of work full time through the recovery process from the civil unrest,” Patrick said.

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It would have been difficult to find a better fit for the job than Patrick.

Pat with his wife Denisha