St. Louis Economic Development Partnership

Millennials Love the Lou

(commentary courtesy of the St. Louis Mayor’s office)

College-educated millennials are flocking to St. Louis, and they’re helping revitalize the region.  They’re drawn by our world-class universities, affordable and historic housing and a desire to leave a mark on the fastest-growing tech scene in the nation.  They’re also bringing creativity and entrepreneurial spirit that will help St. Louis move forward as a region.

According to the Pew Charitable Trust, from 2000-2010, nearly 15,000 new college-educated millennials moved to St. Louis.  That puts us at #4 in the nation — far above cities like Chicago (#11) and Seattle (#19).  Many of these young people have created revolutionary technologies, launched powerful startups, created hundreds of jobs — and families.  The Cortex Innovation District, T-Rex, and BioSTL are just some of the places you’ll see their work in action, but the positive effects are felt throughout the region.

This movement is part of a nation-wide trend, and St. Louis is well-positioned to capitalize on it.  Millennials keep moving to up-and-coming interior cities like Baltimore, Pittsburgh and our great home.  The shift is so big it has a new name: Midwestern cities are now part of the “Brain Belt.”  St. Louis will make the most of this trend because we have infrastructure and civic organizations that encourage entrepreneurship, help get startups off the ground and foster continual growth.

“We provide many of the tools and resources needed for millennials and others to start new companies and to be able to thrive at it,” St. Louis Economic Development Partnership Vice President of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Christine Karslake said.

The combination of this young, creative talent and efforts to promote growth in the region will help us create a greater St. Louis for every resident.

Click here for the full Pew Charitable Trust article.