St. Louis Economic Development Partnership

It’s Time to Take Pride in St. Louis

We all need a little St. Louis swagger.

It’s that feeling of walking tall and telling everyone what is wonderful about living in St. Louis.

This summer, we are launching a TV, radio and print campaign called: “Take Pride in St. Louis.” As chair of the St. Louis Civic Pride Foundation, I am really proud of this campaign. There has never been a better time to tell our authentic St. Louis story to the world.

Every time you ask someone in this town to step up, they do it in big ways. We want to thank all our celebrity ambassadors for joining the effort, including: Bob Costas, Ozzie Smith, Jackie-Joyner Kersee, Joe Buck, Joe Edwards, Phyllis Smith, Jim McKelvey, Isaac Bruce, Miss Robbie, and Florian Kuplent of Urban Chestnut.

But you don’t need to be a celebrity to help spread the word. It’s easy to join the campaign and be a St. Louis ambassador by signing up and sharing these great TV spots with everyone you know. It’s the Spirit of St. Louis and it’s something we can all brag about—pass it along!