Ferguson Business Says: “You’ll Survive!”

BKM Fitness is used to surviving. It’s their motto, and it’s printed on the iconic orange t-shirt that gym-goers wear.

See what Mitchell told CNBC in an interview before the packed room survived his fitness boot camp.

The small business, started by Briant Mitchell, was originally based in the now defunct Jamestown Mall. Then, opportunity presented itself, and Mitchell moved his gym to Ferguson in July 2014, mere weeks before tensions bubbled over into violence, protests and tense police interactions.

BKM’s once thriving business was significantly impacted by the unrest.

BKM Fitness

How can businesses like BKM not only rebuild but prosper again? At the Partnership, we introduce them to community and state resources that assist with rebuilding their facility as well as their most important commodity, their clientele.

Today, like BKM’s athletes, the small business is doing more than surviving–it’s thriving! Classes are filling up, and Mitchell is back to doing what he loves, helping people reach their personal fitness goals.

For a list of resources, ranging from economic development, faith-based, housing, social services and more, visit http://www.stlforward.com/help/