Advanced Manufacturing 2019 Highlights

Creating an ecosystem for Advanced Manufacturing

The Advanced Manufacturing Department which is funded by Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) has been working hard this year to create an ecosystem for advanced manufacturing.

Key accomplishments includes growing The Regional Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (RAMP), cybersecurity compliance training and outreach to the defense industry.

RAMP has grown to over 300 professionals in the defense, education, manufacturing, entrepreneurship and government industries.

“The defense industry is critical to the economic development growth in St. Louis. Manufacturing is a key component of the economic fabric of the St. Louis region. Today, manufacturing accounts for about 7% of the region’s employment, and about 25% of the region’s economic activity.  Manufacturing is the sector where the bulk of technology innovation is converted into jobs and economic output.  The vibrant manufacturing sector includes prominent firms in nearly every manufacturing NAICS code.  Individuals and firms from the region hold leadership positions in national and international trade and research organizations. Colleges and universities in the region are recognized at the highest levels of academic achievement.  Advanced manufacturing is integral to the vibrancy of the entire St. Louis region,” said John Hixson, VIce President of Advanced Manufacturing at the STL Partnership.



John Hixson, Vice President of the Advanced Manufacturing Department at the STL Partnership speaks at the November 2019 RAMP Meeting. The meetings are held quarterly and are well attended.


The department partnered with Missouri Enterprise to provide Cybersecurity Compliance Training to firms in the St. Louis MSA.

In 2019 the Advanced Manufacturing Department has also been involved in Defense Industry Outreach including:

*Promoting the region-wide and state-wide industry sector as a convener and collaboration catalyst

* Collaborator and working group participant for the National Security Crossroads to build-up the talent pool for installations, missions and industries supporting the National Security activities in Missouri and Kansas.

* Sponsor and working group participant to bring the Aero & Auto Advanced Suppliers Summit to St. Louis in October 2019.