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39 North Receives Prestigious Collaboration Award

East-West Gateway Awards SLEDP Outstanding Local Government Achievement Award for Exemplary Collaboration

East-West Gateway Council of Governments presented its annual Outstanding Local Government Achievement Awards to eight recipients during its 53rd annual meeting, recognizing the region’s governments and officials for extraordinary achievements in public sector service, leadership, and collaboration.

“We are proud to present the 2018 Outstanding Local Government Achievement Awards and honor municipal, county, special purpose and school district officials that exemplify the highest levels of excellence, expertise and service,” said Jim Wild, East-West Gateway Executive Director. The award presentations were held at a luncheon on Thursday, Nov. 15, at the Hyatt Downtown St. Louis. Two notable recipients are listed below.

Photo Courtesy: East-West Gateway Council of Governments

Terry W. Beach received the Gateway Lifetime Public Service awards for his substantial contributions to public sector leadership. Beach has spent more than four decades working for the St. Clair County government and currently serves dual roles as the executive director of its intergovernmental grants department and economic development director.

The 39 North AgTech Innovation District received the award for Exemplary Collaboration, Partnership or Regional Initiative. The 39 North AgTech Innovation District highlights St. Louis’ strength in the sector and is the work of corporate, government and institutional leaders to create a common vision for its growth. The district’s master plan and unique branding will ensure St. Louis’ continues to establish its position as a global hub for plant science.

Photo Courtesy: East-West Gateway Council of Governments

More detailed information on all of the award winners, along with brief video overviews of their work, will be available on East-West Gateway’s website at www.ewgateway.org/outstanding-local-government-achievement-awards following the luncheon.

About East-West Gateway Council of Governments: East-West Gateway is the St. Louis region’s federally designated metropolitan planning organization. East-West Gateway’s 22-member board of county executives, mayors and urban leaders meets monthly to approve federal funding for transportation and other projects that have regional impact.