St. Louis Promise Zone Now Hiring to Help Fullfill their Mission

St. Louis Promise Zone logo with a collage of photos from around STL

The St. Louis Promise Zone is now hiring four AmeriCorps VISTAs to develop and nurture partnerships, and perform research and marketing within the Promise Zone.

The St. Louis Promise Zone program partners with local leaders to give communities proven tools to rebuild and put people back to work. The federal program launched in 2013, designates high-poverty urban, rural and tribal communities as Promise Zones in order to increase economic activity, improve educational outcomes, reduce serious and violent crime, invest in transformative development and improve health and wellness.

Below is a list of the positions available:

Vitendo4Africa Program Development VISTA 

Program Development VISTA member will be involved in developing and nurturing partnerships with existing and new donors. The VISTA member will develop a grants management database and refine a performance management system for outcomes tracking. The goal of this position is to increase grant revenue through foundation and government contracts in order to increase financial support for victims of sexual trafficking or exploitation in the St. Louis Metro Area.

Vitendo4Africa Youth Specialist VISTA

The VISTA member will develop a full range of fund development activities for the organization. These activities include grant writing and reporting with public agencies, private foundations and corporations. Specifically, this staff is responsible for writing proposals for both unrestricted operating revenue and restricted projects and for submitting timely and accurate reports for all existing grant funded projects. Additionally, fund development staff is also responsible for coordinating and implementing the organization’s annual event and a homeownership fair.

St. Louis Metro Market Development VISTA

This VISTA will:

1) Research fundraising campaigns and create best practices polices on implementing virtual fundraising initiatives to increase the capacity of the St. Louis Metro Market.

2) Identify fundraising opportunities and areas of need for St. Louis Metro Market to help grow our fundraising portfolio.

3) Create a tracking tool to record donor information and develop processes and procedures to cultivate donor relationships aligned to our mission and goals.

St. Louis Promise Zone Communications & Marketing VISTA

The AmeriCorps VISTA will work with a coalition of community stakeholders to advance the goals of the Promise Zone with a focus on capacity building for community engagement via social media, newsletter distribution, website management and event coordination.

If interested in any of these positions, please contact Trevaughn Latimer at [email protected].