St. Louis Mosaic Project Working to Help Immigrants Network to Find Employment

STL Mosaic project logo and an image of diverse people

St. Louis Economic Development Partnership - Home | FacebookThe St. Louis Mosaic Project has been working to successfully help immigrants network with people in their field to find employment. The St. Louis Mosaic Project is a regional public-private immigration and innovation initiative within the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership and World Trade Center St. Louis. Due to its 27 partners, the St. Louis Mosaic Project is leading the way for a successful diverse community.

Nearly 30 percent of St. Louis regional companies are in need of science, technology and math talent and thousands of international students are studying in the St. Louis area, have STEM degrees and are ready for work.

“Betsy Cohen, Executive Director of the St. Louis Mosaic Project helped me grow my network and job search in the St. Louis region,” said Raffi Mikaelian. “She gave me solid resources and insightful information that helped me land a job. I am glad to be starting my new job with PC’s for People this week.”

Suzanne Sierra, Senior Program Manager for the St. Louis Mosaic Project also works to help immigrants find employment. “Networking is not necessarily part of the professional culture in other countries,” said Sierra. “We serve as a bridge to understanding why this is integral to the job search in the U.S. and provide warm introductions so foreign born newcomers begin to comfortably build a network and keep encouraging them as they look for work that matches their skills.”

Sareh Tabrizchi also worked with the St. Louis Mosaic Project and expressed gratitude for their help. “As an international degree holder and a new immigrant, I thank the St. Louis Mosaic Project for connecting me to many experts in my field throughout St. Louis and helping me to find my job at St. Charles County,” said Tabrizchi. “Many thanks to Bomi Park, Assistant Project Manager for the St. Louis Mosaic Project for supporting me regardless of the situation caused by the pandemic and checking in with me periodically.”

For more information about the St. Louis Mosaic project and how to get connected with jobs visit their website here.

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