St. Louis Major Soccer Team New Name Announced: St. Louis City SC

Saint Louis City Soccer logo
cut-out fans

Cutouts of St. Louis community members at the live virtual event 

St. Louis Major Soccer Team has announced their new branding. “St. Louis City SC ” is the new name. The “SC” stands for soccer club and there is a significant meaning behind the branding. “Back in January we asked for submissions and we had over 6,000,” said Carolyn Kindle Bets, CEO at St. Louis City SC. “There were about four themes that kept reoccurring and “city” was number one and the most popular. It’s a great opportunity for us to expand the definition of “city” to include everyone in the region and highlight the diverse neighborhoods.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the virtual event included cutouts from community members in St. Louis. A caravan of cars distributed the teams’ merchandise throughout St. Louis using safe social distancing measures. Featured speakers included Carolyn Kindle Betz, CEO of St. Louis City SC, Dan McLaughlin, Baseball broadcaster for the STL Cardinals, Dr. Corey Bradford, President at Harris-Stowe State University and Lee Broughton, Chief Brand Architect for St. Louis City SC.

New logo for St. Louis City SC

New logo for St. Louis City SC

The colors for the team are City Red, River Blue, Arch Steel Grey and Energy Yellow. Lee Broughton, Chief Brand Architect for St. Louis City SC also talked about the idea for the colors of the team. “We tapped local designers for this team effort and the designers gravitated towards the St. Louis flag as their inspiration,” said Broughton. “We had wonderful insights from the community about landmarks and how they play a role in the branding also.”

There is also a significant meaning for the colors. “We spent a lot of time having the St. Louis city flag as inspiration but we really focused on red from the flag,” said Lee. “This is about a new St. Louis and what we want our future to look like.”

Stadium rendering

Stadium rendering for MLS4THELOU

St. Louis City SC is a Major League Soccer expansion franchise that is expected to begin playing in 2023. The club will be based in St. Louis, Missouri, with home matches at a planned 22,500-seat soccer-specific stadium.

On March 18, 2020, the Missouri Development Finance Board unanimously approved a package of incentives worth $5.7 million in tax credits to help with construction of the $458 million stadium and surrounding area.

The team will play in a 22,500-seat soccer-specific stadium located in downtown St. Louis that is expected to be the anchor of a 31-acre development area that will include team offices, training facilities, and commercial districts. This stadium is intended to revitalize Downtown West St. Louis by providing an urban hub open year round. The stadium is situated to connect Forest Park with the Gateway Arch and is intended to field 17-23 soccer games a year along with serving as a venue for concerts, high school sports, and much more.

For more information about St. Louis City SC visit their website here.