St. Louis County Unveils New Logo at State of the County Address

A white SUV with the Electric Vehicle logo on it and the Saint Louis County Missouri logo.

St. Louis County Executive Sam Page revealed a surprise during the annual State of the County address at the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL), marking a significant moment that echoedImage of a man speaking at Opportunity Central the essence of his speech. The unveiling of the County’s new logo symbolizes the region’s history, collaborative spirit and a vision for progress.

County Executive Page’s address emphasized the County’s stride in economic development, infrastructure enhancement and educational empowerment. He also stressed the importance of collaborative efforts and unity in navigating challenges for a brighter future, resonating with the symbolism embedded within the new logo and tagline, ‘opportunity central.’

At the heart of the logo stands the iconic fleur de lis, paying homage to St. Louis’ deep French heritage. The intertwined circles surrounding the fleur de lis signify partnerships with the area’s municipalities and residents, and the convergence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, a reflection of the region’s historical and geographical location. The red hue of the logo represents the passion St. Louis has for its beloved sports teams, St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis CITY SC.

“This logo is more than a symbol, its an identity,” said County Executive Sam Page. “Opportunity central is a promise to residents and businesses and those just passing through. St. Louis County has what you need to get the most out of life.”