Sean Mullins In “100 St. Louisans To Know”

Headshot of Sean Mullins, SBM 100 St. Louisans to Know

Sean Mullins, World Trade Center St. Louis Director of Foreign Direct Investment, was featured in Small Business Monthly’s “100 St. Louisans To Know.”

“Sean launched the World Trade Center St. Louis’ Foreign Direct Investment Aftercare program,” said Tim Nowak, Executive Director of World Trade Center St. Louis. “From small enterprises in the innovation space to large multinationals, St. Louis is home to more than 300 foreign-owned companies. Sean’s leadership in connecting these companies with local resources and support is invaluable to our larger business retention and expansion initiatives.”

Mullins delves into relevant issues business owners face every day.

Biggest challenge for business owners:

“Managing growth in an orderly way, particularly bringing on new employees. Regardless of whether growth is anticipated to be slow or sudden, small businesses should create plans for systemically weaving in new people and dedicate time to developing and nurturing office culture. A workplace’s atmosphere is especially important for talented, young workers when they’re selecting an employer and determining how long to stay.”

Best advice for business owners:

“Set aside time for diagnostic conversation with employees. Have discussions that encourage people to comment on what they find favorable and what could be improved. Create an environment in which people are recognized for their contributions and thanked for identifying concerns. I’m also a fan on inviting outside specialists to facilitate structured, in-depth conversations.”

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