Road Crew Coffee and Cycles Receives EDA Loan from STL Partnership

Image of the inside of Road Crew Coffee

The STL Partnership worked with Road Crew Coffee and Cycles to receive an Economic Development Administration (EDA) Loan through the St. Louis Local Development Company.

“It’s great that we get to help a startup business from concept to full operation.  The owners had a solid business plan with the know-how and drive to make it happen.  By utilizing one of our financing programs, they were able to access the capital necessary to turn that idea into a real community asset,” said Zack Folk, Credit Analyst for the Business Finance Department at the STL Partnership.

Road Crew Coffee and Cycles has an eclectic vibe that automatically grabs your attention along with distinctive bicycle themed decor and the smell of fresh coffee and pastries.


PastriesLatteInside of Road Crew


The vast menu includes various delectables such as an assortment of fresh brewed coffee, expressos, lattes, herbal teas and delicious pastries. Attached to the coffee shop includes a unique full service bike shop. Bike enthusiasts are able to customize and get their bikes serviced there also.“We take pride in customizing bikes, servicing them and providing the best customer service to our guests. Customers can expect the finest quality of goods from the coffee shop. Each and every coffee made by our baristas is handled with the utmost care. The quality of our ingredients is the highest. We don’t take shortcuts with any of our ingredients, from the coffee beans to the house made coffee syrups,” said Mike Orso, Owner of Road Crew Coffee and Cycles.

This unique coffee shop is an idea that combined two complimentary businesses and passions that are personal to each of the owners.  “For some of us, our passion was to have a bike shop that also served as a clubhouse and biking became a passion for some of us also. This influenced ideas for the creation of our business,” said Orso.

The choice of the location for Road Crew Coffee and Cycles was a major decision for the owners. Days were spent walking, driving and riding bikes around neighborhoods and writing down potential locations. “We looked at popular cycling communities, areas with dense populations and areas that lacked coffee shops. Once we completed this, we were left with a handful of neighborhoods. It became apparent to us that our current location on Morganford in the Tower Grove Neighborhood was the right choice. We fell in love with the neighborhood and all its charm and we knew we wanted to be part of its growth,” said Orso.

Orso expressed excitement and welcomes everyone to experience the vision of the business. “We love what we do and take pride in it. Cycling and coffee are things that have been additive to our lives and we want to share that with everyone. Come ride this wave and join our crew!”

For more information about Road Crew Coffee and Cycles, visit their website here.

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