RFP – Review and Evaluation of Previously Funded Projects


The St. Louis County Port Authority (the “Port”), a political subdivision established under Chapter 68 RSMO, is seeking proposals from qualified consultants to review and evaluate the performance of previously funded projects as described herein.

Project Description

The Port issues this request for proposals (“RFP”) for a qualified and experienced individual or consulting firm (the “Consultant”) to verify, evaluate, and report the performance and impacts of past funded projects (the “Services”). A subcommittee of the Port’s Board of Commissioners (the “Committee”) will oversee the Services. The Committee has identified a subset of eighteen (18) randomly selected projects eligible for review, consisting of thirteen (13) funded at a level less than or equal to $200,000 and five (5) funded at a level greater than $200,000, to be included in the Services (collectively, the “Selected Projects”). The Services shall primarily involve fieldwork to verify and evaluate the performance and impact of the Selected Projects and shall include written reports to document the results of the Services for each of the Selected Projects, as well as a final cumulative report evaluating the Port’s business practices.

The goal of the Services is to answer the questions below for each of the Selected Projects.

Was the Port funding utilized correctly and as intended?

Were the performance and impact goals of the Selected Project achieved?

Are there any lessons learned from the Selected Project that the Port could use to improve future funding priorities and decision-making processes?
General summaries of the Selected Projects are available upon email request to Howl Bean II, [email protected].

See full RFP here

Proposals Due By:
3:00 PM CT on August 2, 2024
St. Louis County Port Authority
Attn: Howl Bean II
120 S. Central Ave., Suite 200
St. Louis, Missouri 63105
[email protected]